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The main charter destinations in the eastern Mediterranean are Croatia and Greece, other booming destinations are Turkey and Montenegro.

Greece is experiencing growth superior to any of the more traditional destinations in the Yacht Charter Mediterranean, both eastern and western, including Italy, cheap prices, good weather, excellent waters and good gastronomy are working together to offer the client a very complete offer. Croatia, for its part, has one of the largest fleets for charter in the Yacht Charter Mediterranean, good marinas and services, as well as road access to its main marinas makes hiring a boat very attractive to sailors.

Towards the western part we find Italy where there are several areas of charter, among them the most significant, Sicily or Sardinia, further north we have a traditional destination and perhaps with more antiquity in the sector such as the French Riviera and Corsica According to the agencies, these destinations have a very loyal type of customer, although there is an increasing interest in sailing between Corsica, Porqueroles and La Riviera. Regarding the Balearic Islands, it has a very important infrastructure value, a large boat chárter fleet that is especially interesting for users of boats not exceeding 40 feet, even though we can rent any length in both catamarans and monohulls. Its good communication with Europe through its airports makes it easy to access the main destinations within the archipelago.

The yacht charter Mediterranean will always be an excellent choice.

Santorini Charter Greece
Santorini, Greece
Majorca, Balearic Islands Charter
Calas of Majorca, Spain
Croatia Charter


Like Asia, the Caribbean continues to maintain that exotic tourism label, even more so for Europeans, not being the case for customers from the United States or Canada, because for them it is a traditional destination, especially in the marked. Winter months since December to April, months which are not part of the hurricane season. The traditional charter destinations in the Caribbean such as the Virgin Islands, St. Martin, Martinique, Bahamas, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, etc … but recently join it Cuba, whose natural attraction is highly valued by the clients, according to the agencies, including a special mention to:, which has almost 30 years of experience in nautical tourism in Cuba and has recently expanded its offer with and to offer packages of 15 days or more in which to combine the sea with the knowledge of Cuban history and cultures, in varied and exclusive land programs. Other destinations that are taking positions in the Caribbean are Panama, Colombia or Belize.

BVI yacht charter
B.V.I. Caribbean
St. Vincent and Grenadines
St. Vincent & Grenadines


The destination Asia, including the Indian Ocean, Australia and Polynesia, always appears as something exotic, due to the distance and cultural customs so different from those of the West (except Australia). These destinations have shown a special increase, especially due to the good work of agencies and large fleets highly specialized in charter by cabins, with crew or simply with captain. Airfare prices have also been lowered, because which is an important part of the budget when we think of a charter so far away. Always when we talk about Asia, we think of traditional destinations such as Phuket (Thailand), Seychelles, Maldives, Tahiti or Airlie Beach in Australia, but there are many more offers in places of incredible natural attraction and exotic landscapes, with local cuisine that will delight of the most demanding person.

Bora Bora Yacht Charter
Bora Bora, Pacific Ocean
New Caledonia yacht Charter
New Caledonia
Phi Phi Island yacht Charter Thailand
Phuket, Thailand


We cannot fail to mention some of the best destinations to rent a boat that are not in traditional areas such as the Mediterranean, the Caribbean or Asia.

Places like La Paz in Baja California, (Mexico), The Florida Keys, in Brazil, Angra dos Reis, so in the Atlantic Ocean we have yachts in Canary Islands, Madeira, as well as in northern Europe: Sweden or Norway, with their impressive fjords or a lot of little islands, don’t forget Port Hamble in the English Solent, the cradle of the best regattas in the world, the north of France in Brittany.

All these places offer excellent services for the charter, because the charterer can find excellent restaurants, anchorage areas or marinas, it will surely not leave any client indifferent who experiences a charter in any of these and other no less attractive nautical destinations.

La Paz Mexico yacht charter
La Paz, Mexico
Sweden Yacht Charter
Angra Dos Reis yacht Charter
Angra Dos Reis, Brazil