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Our founder and CEO, Cap. Nicolás Clará has extensive experience in the sector, first as a client and later as head of the nautical base and charter agency, there are more than 30 years of experience in the nautical sector, in day charter and overnight.

The main objective of our founder has always been to bring the nautical charter to a broader economic sector of users, in some way, to help demystify the sector as, ONLY people with a high purchasing power, which is totally false, the who are already users of a boat to spend their holidays with friends or family, know that’s posible to rent a week in a monohull, for 8 people for no more than 2000 to 2500 euros, that is, just 300 per week per person.

In order to support the nautical sector, specifically the part corresponding to the rental of sports boats, at WSC we have put into practice what we call LOW COST rental, with this system we are promoting the sector and taking it to more public.

Our agency considers that the cost of reservation management, monitoring of the hired charter, compliance with the terms of the contract between client and charter company, rental payments as well as advice on finding a boat and destination, does not have to be higher, by the concept of the type of boat, THE SIZE OF THE BOAT OR IF IT IS A MONOHULL OR CATAMARAN IS NOT RELATED WITH THE ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES OF THE AGENCY, for this reason in WSC we apply a standard of approximately 150 euros to each of the reservations , said amount calculated on the net rental value of the boat, this guarantees the customer a better price, or even being able to rent a boat higher than the target price it had.

Our work team guarantees the client the same attention services as the most demanding of agencies, our employees will respond to all queries and help in the best choice of both the boat and the best destination depending on the time of year, Our agency has a contract with more than 200 charter companies in the main charter destinations in the world, all the boats we offer correspond to operators that guarantee the technical conditions of the boats, technical assistance, insurance and security.

In addition, our team can help you create an itinerary if you do not know the destination where you will make your next charter, these itineraries are of course recommendations, which you can review at the charter base once you arrive at the destination.

Cap. Nicolás Clará

Founder & CEO Cap.Nicolás Clará